Moriyama Daido at Kodoji


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Moriyama Daido at Kodoji

Bar Kodoji

is a photographers bar located in the Golden Gai district of Shinjuku, complete with a whole bunch of great photo books, a perfect place to meet japanese or foreign photographers in Tokyo.

Photographed By Bahag
(C) B a h a g s k i 2 0 1 3

All Rights Reserved.


4 responses to “Moriyama Daido at Kodoji

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    • You can find KODOJI in golden gai, it’s in SHINJUKU, near Kabukicho ! if you want to meet many photographers to chat with, documentary, art and journalist photographer, You might want to visit to a Photo gallery and book place
      RPS, reminders’s Project own by 2 great people , Yumi Goto and Masaru Goto.

      Here’s the link how to go.

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